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February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Series: Aphrodisiacs Eco-Rico Style!


Inspired by this one day that honors Love (of course, by now you may realize that I honor Love Each and Every Day... as Love is One Energy with Limitless Expressions), still, I have invited friends, clients and colleagues to share expressions of Love here on "The Art of WellBeing."  

Bookmark this... and return each day for a new post, and discover how you can experience even more Love in Your Life, starting now.

Green and Black Stripe

Today's Guest Blogger:
Giselle Achecar

Aphrodisiacs Eco-Rico Style! : Valentine's Day Treat



For millennia, men and women have primped, plucked, sweated, shaved, dyed and eaten their way to a more attractive self for their love partner(s). Here at Eco-Rico, we’re into the more sensual art of arousal, specifically as it relates to FOOD. The right foods and scents excite the senses, stimulate the libido and increase stamina (Yay!).

Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, fertility and sexual love, aphrodisiacs stimulate sexual desire.

Cleopatra was legendary for her sexual exploits (fellatio on 100 Roman nobles in one night!). Figs, her favorite fruit, reminded suitors of her sex organs, and, due to their minerals, boosted her metabolism and immune system. She scented her clothes and the sails of her royal ships with Damascene Rose. The scent arrived way before she did. That’s foreplay… She used cardamom in her baths. Cardamom, high in cineole, stimulates the nervous system. This mighty Queen knew exactly how to work her feminine magic!

Casanova seduced two nuns simultaneously with a powerful combination of oysters and champagne! Then again, he also ingested Spanish Fly, a powder made from the ground-up dried wings of a green beetle, which we now know causes extreme genital irritation and can kill you. Not recommended.

As a quick primer, foods high in vitamins A, C and E, zinc and potassium are great for increasing blood flow (particularly to the genitals) and maintaining healthy sex hormone production. The recipe below contains all those and then some!

SIX Aphrodisiacs in one salad – arugula, avocado, pine nuts, honey, lemon and garlic. Add some red pepper and you’ve got a stimulant POWERHOUSE!

Here’s why:

Arugula-salad Arugula is a crazy effective stimulant loaded with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll cleanses and energizes the blood, brings oxygen to all parts of the body - including our sex organs - and supports healthy skin. Eco-Sexy! On top of that, arugula contains vitamins A, C, K and P, lutein, folate, calcium, iron, potassium and dietary fiber. Hello Superfood!




The Aztecs called the avocado tree "Ahuacuatl”. Translation: "testicle tree". The Spanish found avocados so obscenely sexy, that Catholic priests forbade them to parishioners. The avocado leads all fruits in beta-carotene and exceeds the banana in potassium. Half a cup of pureed avocado contains 729 mg of potassium! Vitamin B6 and potassium are essential for the production of sex hormones. An avocado contains more protein, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin K per ounce than any other fruit. How can you go wrong with the fruit of the “testicle tree”?

DSC_0204 To Native Americans, pine nuts were the Viagra of the day. The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight (an ancient Arabic love manual) prescribes the following to restore a man's sexual vigor: a glass of thick honey, 20 almonds and 100 pine nuts repeated for three nights. Pine nuts are a zinc powerhouse - an essential chemical in the production of testosterone. They help increase cardiovascular function, which, when combined with increased testosterone production, yields exciting results! Toast these little seeds or eat them raw. But definitely hand-feed them to your lover.



Arugula, avocado, red pepper, toasted pine nuts with honey, lemon, garlic dressing (as seen in EcoRico Ep. 001)

Please buy organic, locally grown produce. If you can’t find organic, try your best to buy local.

One bag of organic baby arugula
One large red bell pepper
Two medium or one large avocado (I usually use more!)
Half a cup of toasted pine nuts (you can use raw, but I like CRUNCH!)

Toasting pine nuts:
Oven: Spread the raw pine nuts on a baking sheet and toast for 8-10 minutes at 350° til slightly golden.
Stovetop: Put raw pine nuts in non-stick sauté pan, toast over medium heat for 5 minutes.


Extra virgin olive oil
One organic lemon
1 clove of garlic
Sea salt (I use ancient sea salt cause I like the minerals)
Fresh ground pepper

In bowl, pour extra virgin olive oil, garlic, the juice of ½ a lemon, honey, sea salt  and fresh ground pepper to taste.
Mix it well. Taste and make adjustments. Use the other half lemon as needed. Pour dressing over salad. Toss, sit back and enjoy this deliciousness with your lover. Not only will it blow up your taste-buds, it’ll explode your libidinous thoughts!

Pour a lovely glass of organic red wine.

Finish it off with a bowl of mangoes and Fair Trade chocolate.

Then light some soy candles, turn on your favorite slow jam and let romance overtake you...

You can watch me make this salad in EcoRico Ep. 001, my EcoSexy cooking show, at www.eco-rico.com/ecoricotv. You’ll laugh, you’ll drool, you’ll learn how to make this eco-licious meal.

In Love, Passion and Purpose,



Giselle_Achecar_wht0025 Giselle Achecar is the vibrant creator of Eco-Rico, an eco-lifestyle brand, which includes the online sensation Eco-Rico cooking show as well as the ground-breaking personal success system “Marry Your Passion with Your Purpose”.

Giselle spent two years researching and vetting thousands of companies,
products and people doing the work that would save the planet. She figured out that green = earth friendly. She decided to expose these earth-saving products and dedicated herself to making it easy, inexpensive and fun for anyone to create an ecolife. And, as the clutter cleared from her brain, a miracle happened.

The “Divine Download” arrived one night in a car, salsa blasting... ECO-RICO! The energy-saving CFL in Giselle’s brain illuminated. Eco-edutainment serving people and planet with passion. The beginning of a movement. The manifestation of everything she had prepared for during her dark days. The marriage of passion and purpose!

Find out how Giselle can help you salsa-up your eco-loving life, pop on over to: www.eco-rico.com

Green and Black Stripe


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